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101 Recommended Management Practices for the Removal of Hazardous Materials from Buildings Prior to Demolition, 2nd Edition 2004, August Townsend, Timothy
102 Decentralized Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems That Produce Reusable Water For On-Site Irrigation 2004, July Cooper, William
103 Design of Cost Effective Lysimeters for Alternative Landfill Cover Demonstrations Projects 2004, March Abichou, Tarek
104 Developing Retention Indices and Modeling Transport of CCA in Florida Soils at Unlined Landfills 2004, March Clayton, Clark J II
105 C&D Waste Landfills in Florida: Assessment of True Impact and Exploration of Innovative Control Tech 2004, March Townsend, Timothy
106 Bio-Reactive Landfill Cover Systems 2004, January Abichou, Tarek
107 Assessment of True Impacts of E-Waste Disposal in Florida 2003, December Townsend, Timothy
108 Compatibility of Incinerator Ash-Soil Mix as an Alternative Material for Landfill Liners and Covers 2003, July Ashmawy, Alaa
109 Design and Operational Issues Related to the Co-Disposal of Sludges and Biosolids in Class I Landfills 2003, July Reinhart, Debra
110 Quantities of Arsenic Within the State of Florida 2003, June Solo-Gabriele, Helena
111 Assessment of Alternative Earthen Final Covers for Florida Landfills 2003, March Abichou, Tarek
112 Leaching and Toxicity of CCA-Treated and Alternative-Treated Wood 2003, February Townsend, Timothy
113 Generation and Composition of Construction and Demolition Debris in Florida 2003, February Reinhart, Debra
114 Characterization of Street Sweepings, Stormwater Sediments, and Catch Basin Sediments, in Florida for Disposal and Resuse 2002, December Townsend, Timothy
115 Leaching Tests for Evaluating Risk in Solid Waste Management Decision Making-Revised 2002, December Townsend, Timothy
116 Effects of Compost on Arsenic Leachability in Soils and Arsenic Uptake by a Fern 2002, June Shiralipour, Aziz
117 Risk, Trust and Uncertainty: Public Opinion and its Role in Managing Environmentally Sensitive Facilities 2002, May Johnson, Renne
118 Environmental Impacts of Lead Pellets at Shooting Ranges and Arsencial Herbicides on Golf Courses in Florida 2002, May Ma, Lena
119 Litter from Solid Waste Collection Trucks 2002, March FCSHWM
120 The Florida Litter Study: 2002 2002, March FCSHWM
121 Criteria of Selecting Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP) Tests to Characterize Special Wastes 2001, August Shieh, Chih-Shin
122 Phytoremediation of Contaminated Sites Using Wood Biomass 2001, June Rockwood, Donald
123 The Florida Litter Study: 2001 2001, March FCSHWM
124 New Lines of CCA-Treated Wood Research: In-Service and Disposal Issues 2001, March Townsend, Timothy
125 Contamination of Sediments in Street Sweepings and Stormwater Systems: Pollutant Composition and Sediment Reuse Options 2001, January Liebens, Johan
126 MSW Landfill Leachate Collection Systems for the New Millenium 2000, December Reinhart, Debra
127 Environmental Impacts of Auto Salvage Facilities and Their Regulation 2000, November Dzurik, Andrew
128 The Use of Franchise Fees in Commericial Solid Waste Management in Florida 2000, September Droubay, Melvin
129 Alternative Chemicals and Disposal-End Management Practices for CCA-Treated Wood 2000, July Solo-Gabriele, Helena
130 Continued Research into the Characteristics of Leachate from Construction and Demolition Waste Landfills 2000, July Townsend, Timothy
131 Thermal Disposal of CCA Treated Wood 2000, June Green, Alex E. S.
132 Implementing Deconstruction in Florida: Materials Reuse Issues, Disassembly Techniques, Economics and Policy 2000, June Kibert, Charles
133 The Florida Litter Study: 2000 2000, March FCSHWM
134 Environmental Impacts of Lead Pellets at Shooting Ranges 2000, March Ma, Lena
135 Solid Waste Management Health and Safety Risks: Epidemiology and Assessment to Support Risk Reduction 2000, March Englehardt, James
136 Converting C&D Debris from Volume to Weight: A Fact Sheet for C&D Debris Facility Operators 2000, March Townsend, Timothy
137 Implications of Time/Space Variable Leachate Head on Liner Leakage 1999, December Reinhart, Debra
138 Background Concentrations of Trace Metals in Florida Surface Soils: Taxonomic and Geographic Distributions of Total-total and Total-recoverable Concentrations of Selected Trace Metals 1999, December Ma, Lena
139 Best Management Practices for Reducing & Managing Mercury in Florida Medical Facilities: Field Testing, January - July 1999 1999, December Tenace, Laurie
140 Characterization of Lead Leachability from Cathode Ray Tubes Using the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure 1999, December Townsend, Timothy
141 Disposal of CCA-Treated Wood - An Evaluation of Existing and Alternative Management Options 1999, December Solo-Gabriele, Helena
142 A Comprehensive Literature Review of Liner Failures and Longevity 1999, July Reddy, D.V.
143 Wood Ash in Florida: Production and Characteristics Phase II - Leaching Characteristics 1999, June Shieh, Chih-Shin
144 Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Street Sweepings Sediments in Tampa, Florida 1999, May Brinkmann, Robert
145 Evaluation of In-Situ DNAPL Remediation and Innovative Site Characterization Techniques 1999, May Annable, Michael
146 Data report: The Impact of Collection of Recyclabes and Refuse on a Suburban Neighborhood 1999, March FCSHWM
147 The Florida Litter Study: 1999 1999, March FCSHWM
148 Performance Based Decision System for Determining Post-Closure Care (PCC) Period if Florida Landfills 1998, December Tansel, Berrin
149 The Status of Antifreeze Management in Florida 1998, December Barger, Marilyn
150 Background Concentrations of Trace Metals in Florida Surface Soils: Comparisons of Four EPA Digestion Methods and Baseline Concentrations of 15 Metals 1998, November Ma, Lena
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