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201 The Florida Litter Study: 1994 1994, March FCSHWM
202 Recycled, Degradable Solid Wastes for Crop and Landscape Use 1994, March Schaffer, Bruce
203 Solid and Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal, Recycling, and Public Education in Florida 1993, May Hawkins, Regina
204 First Annual Solid Waste Research Symposium: Proceedings 1993, May FCSHWM
205 The Florida Litter Study Part I Early Planning Considerations 1993, March Korzun, Edwin
206 Environmental Acceptability of Precast Concrete Products Made of Treated Municipal Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash 1993, March Shieh, Chih-Shin
207 Utilization of Coal Fly Ash 1992, September Openshaw, Susanne
208 Landfill Gas Emissions 1992, June Cooper, C. David
209 Qualitative and Computational Methods for Evaluation Leachate and Stormwater Management Practices at Florida Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 1992, May Miller, W. Lamar
210 Feasibility of Using Recycled Plastics for Marine Construction 1992, April Zarillo, Gary
211 Unified, Comprehensive Testing of Flexible Membrane Liners 1991, October Stessel, Richard
212 Creating Public Education and Information Programs for Recycling: A Manual and Guide 1991, October Miller, W. Lamar
213 Air Pollution Emission Factors for Medical Waste Incinerators 1991, October Cooper, C. David
214 Optimization of Landfill Mining 1991, September Murphy, Robert J.
215 Leachate Recycle and the Augmentation of Biological Decomposition at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills - Introduction 1991, May Miller, W. Lamar
216 Waste-to-Energy Workshop - Conference Proceedings 1991, May Wong, Kau-Fui
217 Preliminary Degradation of Plastics: Evaluation and Testing 1991, May Miller, W. Lamar
218 Criteria and Recommendations for Utilizing Suitable MSW Incineration Ash in Building Construction Materials 1991, February Shieh, Chih-Shin
219 Solid and Hazardous Waste Collection, Disposal, Recycling and Public Education in Florida -- 1990 Survey Report 1991, January FCSHWM
220 Oil Spill Mitigation Agents Research Plan and Oil Spill Mitigation Agents Research Needs Workshop 1991, January FCSHWM
221 Incentives for Recycling in Florida 1990, July Shapek, Raymond A.
222 The Recycling of Energy Values in Municipal Solid Waste 1990, July Korzun, Edwin
223 Waste Reduction/Recycle of Plastic and Paper Waste 1990, July Murphy, Robert J.
224 Modeling Supply and Demand for Recovered Materials: Paper and Plastics 1990, June Hall, Millard W.
225 National and International Industries Using Recycled Paper, Plastics, Used Oil and Used Tires 1990, June Shapek, Raymond A.
226 Medical Waste Generation, Treatment and Disposal Practices in the State of Florida 1990, June Sengupta, Subrata
227 Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring at Sanitary Landfills in Florida 1990, May Herndon, Roy
228 Landfill Gas Emissions 1990, May Cooper, C. David
229 A Review on Environmental Thermoplastic Degradation 1989, November Miller, W. Lamar
230 Recycling: Research and Education Needs 1989, October FCSHWM
231 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Problems and Issues - Conference Proceedings 1989, July FCSHWM
232 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Problems and Issues 1989, July FCSHWM
233 The Effects of Commercial Products Packaging on the Management of Solid Waste in Florida 1989, January Spindler, Charles J.
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