Proper management to optimize recycling of gypsum drywalls (GDW) has been an important issue recently in Florida. The common practice to handle this type of waste is landfilling, agriculture land application or stockpiling for future use or disposal. Given the limited capacity of landfills in Florida, it is more cost-effective and convenient to reuse these materials for different purposes. However, there are some potential concerns associated with the use of GDW. The associated heavy metals from these wastes may get into surface and ground water resources and food chain. Therefore, characterization of GDW samples and assessing their environmental effects before use for land application is necessary. In this research, we collected representative GDW samples in Florida, determined the chemical and physical properties of samples, and provided recommendations regarding it disposal and reuse options based on our results. Owing to its practical significance, our research should greatly benefit policy makers, FDEP, the public and various industries.



University of FloridaFlorida international universityUSFMiami UniversityFlorida A&MUCFFlorida StateFAUUniversity of West FloridaFlorida Institute of Technology