Student Tracker

The "Student Tracker" is our attempt to follow the careers and activities of current and former researchers who were involved with Center-sponsored projects while they were students or postdoctoral trainees. Please help us by providing any information that will keep this listing up to date.

If you would like to update or add your information, contact us...

Below is a sampling of students that worked on Center funded projects.  This list will be updated routinely.

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21 Dzama, George Levine, Audrey
22 Eun, Sangho "Jay" Reinhart, Debra
23 Feikle, Caitlin Solo-Gabriele, Helena
24 Fernandez, Jonathan Solo-Gabriele, Helena
25 Figueroa, Veronica Cooper, C. David
26 Fishbain, Tara Solo-Gabriele, Helena
27 Gary, Kelvin Solo-Gabriele, Helena
28 Gasnier, Francois Meeroff, Daniel
29 Gaspard, Sanna Solo-Gabriele, Helena
30 Gou, Vicky Townsend, Timothy
31 Grosh, Caroline Reinhart, Debra
32 Grothpietz, Belinda Townsend, Timothy
33 Guariello, Nick Cooper, David
34 Heyback, Nick Solo-Gabriele, Helena
35 Hicks, Matthew Townsend, Timothy
36 Hing, Quo Solo-Gabriele, Helena
37 Hosein, Naila Solo-Gabriele, Helena
38 Jacobi, Gary Solo-Gabriele, Helena
39 Jain, Predeep Townsend, Timothy
40 Jambeck, Jenna Townsend, Timothy
University of FloridaFlorida international universityUSFMiami UniversityFlorida A&MUCFFlorida StateFAUUniversity of West FloridaFlorida Institute of Technology