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University: University of Miami
Professor: Helena Solo-Gabriele

I attended the University of Miami and received my Master’s Degree in 2001 under the wonderful guidance ofHosein Dr. Helena Solo-Gabriele. My research was focused on the environmental effects of CCA-treated wood as well as the implementation of an online sorting system for identifying and separating it from C&D waste piles. This work was done in conjunction with the Center and the University of Florida. Throughout my Master’s research, our team presented our findings at several TAG meetings throughout Florida, always attended by Bill Hinkley and John Schert. I was extremely pleased to see that years of our research resulted in an update in the state rules regarding the disposal of CCA wood in early 2011. I learned a lot from all my mentors and will never forget their guidance and wisdom in shaping me into the person I am today. Since my graduation in December 2001, I have been working with Westhorp & Associates, Inc., an engineering firm located in Miami Shores, Florida where one of our fortes is solid waste management.

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